Change of Deputy Seneschale Imminent change of Knight Marshal

While HRH Prince Ivan does not need to step down from his shire office until October when he becomes King (Vivat!) he has informed the shire at tonight’s special meeting that his intention is to do so as soon as is practicable.

Pursuant to Shire ByLaws Section IV C.  Early Termination:

His Highness will present the Seneschale (me) with a resignation in writing, (when the time comes.)

The vacancy is announced, letters of intent will be accepted  stating that one would like the position.  (One can send it anytime now.)

If there is a sole applicant, that person can be confirmed by a show of hands.

If there is more than one person interested in the position, then a formal vote would have to be held.

Persons interested in the position should seek out Prince Ivan for details.  (A shire can use many marshals, so becoming a marshal is a good thing.  Only one Official Marshal is necessary, but that person can have a deputy.)

Also, I would like to Thank HRH Matilde for her short but vital service as Deputy Seneschale and welcome our new Deputy Seneschale, Brigitte Flamin.

For the service of all our officers —

Vivant!  Vivant!  Vivant!

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Quickie meeting on 17 May, 2017.

Unto all the good folks of Nordenhal, from Alayne greetings!

We need to generate minutes to update signatories at the bank, so there will be a very brief meeting on Wednesday 17 May.

Please make an attempt to show up, so we can meet the quorum.

Thank you!

Yours in service,


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Clean your Machine! 31 May

Prior to the Pre-Pennsic Panic, please come to the 31 May, Wednesday night gather and bring your sewing machine.   I will hold a clinic to  clean the machine, and maybe even oil it.

6 PM until 9 PM.

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Royal debut in Nordenhal

It was really wonderful to see such a big turnout at this weeks gathering! Thank you all for coming!
It was very cool to see Their Highnesses in regalia!

Special Thanks to Abel atte Watere for the joe and clean up.

Special thanks to Brigitte for the transport and the plates, forks and decorations.

Thank you to the good gentle who brought water, milk and the black forest cake (someone supply his name to me, please.)

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Vivant, Vivant, Vivant!

Huge Vivants to their Highnesses  Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dmitriev vynuktzardikov  and Princess Mathilde DeCadenet!

*Kermit flails*   Hooray!!!

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