Last call for participation 50th Celebration

Mid-April has come and gone, and no one has contacted me with anything to contribute to the  Shire display…

So, one last call — if you have been a Champion, or done anything for the Shire or Kingdom which you would like to see celebrated at our booth, PLEASE send pix and information to me no later than 31 May.

Time is needed to put together a cohesive display which can be broken down and reassembled at the event site, so this is a hard date.

Also, if you can do a shift at the booth, please let me know what time and day you would be willing to do so.

Thank you,


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Vivant to the Prince and Princess!!

Vivants to Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Mistress Vienna de la Mer, the new Prince & Princess of the East Kingdom

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Huge Vivats for Carrick!

Huge vivats for Carrick MacSeáin the new Chancellor Minor of the Shire Nordenhal!

Thank you for stepping forward in service!



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Second Quarter Report sent

The 15 April, 2018 Seneschale’s Quarterly report has been sent in to Kingdom and Central Region.

Rejoicing may commence!


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No meeting or fight practice 18 April, 2018

Due to a death of a member of the Congregation of the Port Ewen Reformed Church, the Church and Hall will be in use for a funeral on 18 April, so there will be no SCA activities there that day.

Everything will resume the next Wednesday, and I hope to see you all then!


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