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Dancing Fox Sweet 16 Dance list

Lady Lorita sent me this year’s dance list. It isn’t arranged yet, but you can all start practicing!

Earl of Salisbury Pavane
Gathering Peasecods
Lord Sun Lady Moon
Mairie’s Wedding***
Hyde Park
Scotch Cap
Prendente in Gyro (Saltarello 2)
Petite Rose
Quen Quer Que
Rostiboli Gioioso
Black Almain
New Bo Peep
All in a Garden Green
Petite Vriens
Hole in the Wall
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
Female Sailor
Black Nag
Gey Gordon’s
Heart’s Ease
Horse’s Bransle
Picking of Sticks
Madame Socilia’s Almain
Ballo del Fiore
Contrapasse in duo
Fickle Ladies
Gracca Amorosa
Heralds in Love
Pease Bransle
Cuckolds All a Row

Wear Schola IV

A wonderful event was had by all! I couldn’t have done it alone however, so there are some I want to thank…
Those who shared their knowledge by teaching. Mistress Frigga, Lady Gunvor, Baroness Brighid MacCumhal. Lady Aislinn, Lord Mikulaj, Lady Barbetta, Lady Erlan, Lord Ibrahim, Marajil, and Baroness Alayne for providing an Accessibility Hour.
Then there was the staff who were invaluable…Eithne, who did her first dayboard, Lady Gunvor who was our Reservations Steward and Exchecquer, Mistress Alayne who ran Troll and spent hours providing the artwork on the chests and fans, Marajil for manning the Raffle tickets and for the paper games and Coffee, Baroness Caitelyn for taking charge of Clean-up Duties, Lord Tiberius for taking care of signage and assisting in the kitchen, Baron Ivan for being available to marshal the Tournament and for lifting and carrying, and Lady Olivia Bakere for being available to tend the Lists. There were others who were also most helpful, Lord Ingelcott, Lady Sorchia, Lord Leo,Ryan, Lady Molly, and Richildis,
And I also want to thank my Shire officers who allowed me to host this event.