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Fall Crown Tournament Format Information:

Katherine Barr asked that the following be shared:

Greetings unto all those intending to enter Fall Crown Tournament:
The following is the Crown Tournament format from Their Highnesses:
There will be the standard double elimination up to the Final 16. Then, it will be the best of three per round to the Final 4. Final 4 will be the best of three matched weapons forms. The finals will be the best of five matched forms.
Any questions concerning the format should be directed to His Highness.
Please be aware that both the combatant and the consort must submit a joint letter of intent, either through the following link (preferred): or by email to TRH Prinz Wilhelm von Ostenbr├╝cke and Princesse Vienna de la Mer with a copy to the Kingdom Seneschal.
The Letters of Intent must be received prior to 11:59 p.m. on October 3, 2018. If using email, the letters of intent must include all of the following information for both combatant and consort: Society name, legal name, address, telephone number, years of residency, a statement that both the combatant and consort affirm that they do not have knowledge of any legal basis why they would not be able to legally cross the United States/Canadian international border for the duration of their reign, and be accompanied by proof of membership with membership number & expiration date that is valid at least thirty days after Crown. If both entrants are combatants, then that should be clearly indicated.
As a reminder, East Kingdom Law requires that the consorts be present at Crown Tournament.
Should you wish for Their Highnesses to grant any allowable exception to the requirements, be sure to clearly state your request in your letter of intent.
Their Highnesses request that combatants bring heraldic shields for the list trees.