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Silent Auction

We are going to hold a silent auction at Dancing Fox to help make up the deficit caused by not being able to have the raffle (although all but one person donated the money for the tickets sold, before we were informed that we had to cease.)

That said, if you have items that you are willing to donate for the silent auction, please let me know via email ASAP, and be able to give me a minimal bid.


Correcting an Error, regarding Royal Progress events and profits.


I have to correct what I said at our business meeting on December 4th . Naturally after the Meeting I received an email from the Kingdom Exchequer explaining the following:

2. East Kingdom local branches that sponsor a Royal Progress Event which takes place on or after January 1, 2020 shall retain 80% of the net profit as listed on the event financial report submitted to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer, the other 20% being given to the East Kingdom.

In short since Dancing Fox 2020 is a Royal Progress event. Therefore we will retain 80% of the profits and send 20% to East Kingdom. I hope this clarifies everything.

Lord Abel atte Watere – Seneschal of Nordenhal