Chatelaine 2nd Quarter report has been sent in!

As required, the report has been sent.


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Thank you!

As Autocrat of Dancing Fox 23, I want to thank everyone who made this event a success!

You have my deepest gratitude!


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No A & S this Wednesday!

Because we will be cooking (come join us!) on Wed, Thurs and Fri (10-12 May) of this week, there will be no Shire gather of A & S.

A & S will resume next week.

Thank you.

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Water water everywhere!

Hello my people. I went to check the park this morning, and it is a wonderful site. Except…

The water is not potable.

It is safe for washing, but due to being a local well it has high iron content (the kind that leaches out to the bottom of your glass) and a high sulfur content. The gentleman in charge of the park said: Don’t drink it.

Therefore, we need everyone who is willing to clean out their drink dispensers (the big ones!) and please get them to me by next Wednesday, so we can put up a supply of good old Kingston Water.

Thank you!

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Dancing Fox Food and Beverage Prep

10, 11 and 12 May we will be doing some advance prep for Dancing Fox food and beverages.

This happens at the Old Dutch Church on Wall Street in uptown Kingston from 9 am until 3 PM (we have to leave early due to a play in the main hall!)

This is a great opportunity to learn about cooking, to have some socialization and fun!

Please contact Brigitte (Christine Larsson) with any questions!

The event is 13 May, and we want to show our guests the very best!

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