Special Business Meeting August 28, 2019 7pm

We will be hosting a special business meeting to discuss changes to the Crown Tournament Bid on August 28, 2019.


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A&S Photographer at Pennsic

A message from the Deputy Minister of Arts & Science:

Hello there, Eastern artists!
Want to get better images of your work for your documentation or your blog? If you’re headed to Pennsic next month, John Peynter will be offering to photograph A&S projects. He has provided this service before, and the images are amazing, some of which can be found on his website: https://photo.johnj.mikucki.net/Events/Pennsic-2017/Arts-and-Sciences
He has 3 sessions listed through Pennsic University:
    • Saturday 8/3 (noon-3pm in A&S 15)
    • Sunday 8/4 (9am-noon in the Great Hall)
  • Thursday 8/8 (9am-noon in the Great Hall)
I’ve also gotten some additional information from the photographer. Letting him know you’re interested is key; this will allow him to have the best tools and props on hand to photograph your art. You can do this by filling out a quick Google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdj8XJKA9UqFsdUphtMzFCI149s2nxdquaqCNaf9vMCBosoeg/viewform
The photographer grants the artisans he works with a perpetual, nonexclusive, noncommercial right to use his images of their work. However, if you wish to derive profit from the images in any way (advertising pieces or services for sale/hire, etc), you would need to discuss commercial licensing rates with him. But for education, documentation, admiration, showing Grandma? He says “Enjoy with my compliments, and photo credits are welcomed. 🙂
In service,
Deputy MoAS for Education
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A&S Shadow Judging

From the Kingdom A&S Minister:

A few people have asked about future opportunities to shadow judge at an A&S competition. Thanks to the competition coordinator for the “Keepers of the Central Flame” (Sept. 21) we have one!
Since “Keepers of the Central Flame” will be using the rubric typically used for EK Crown’s A&S Champions, Mistress Zipporah bas Yosef ( Allison Sarnoff ) has given permission for the MOAS office to organize shadow judging at the event, so interested individuals can learn more about how the rubric works and about how to judge effectively.
If you are interested in being a shadow judge for this event, please e-mail moas@eastkingdom.org, and we will coordinate with with Mistress Zipporah to arrange things.
Please note that anyone at any level of expertise may shadow judge. Shadow judging is recommended for those who wish to judge Crown’s A&S in the future, and is also helpful for those who plan to enter, or for those who just want to up their A&S game.
Thank you all
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Pennsic A & S Classes

For those going to Pennsic, a message from the Kingdom A&S Minister:

Greetings, East Kingdom!
Pennsic is just around the corner, and the MoAS office will be running the following classes through Pennsic University to help support artists at various stages of their A&S projects:
    • Wednesday, 7/31: Presentation and Display, taught by Mistress Raziya bint Rusa, 10-11am, AS3
    • Sunday, 8/4: East Kingdom A&S Rubric Training, taught by EK MoAS Staff, 12-2pm, AS 12
    • Monday, 8/5: Consent in A&S: Giving & Taking Helpful Feedback, taught by EK MoAS Staff, 12-1pm, AS 12
  • Monday, 8/5: Introduction to Research, taught by Mistress Elena Hylton, 2-3pm, AS 15
  • Tuesday, 8/6: East Kingdom A&S Rubric Training, taught by EK MoAS Staff, 10am-12pm, RS 2
  • Wednesday, 8/7: Introduction to Documentation, taught by Lady Mariette de Bretagne, 12-1pm, AS 5
In addition to the classes offered by the EK MoAS staff, there are a number of other classes on research, documentation, and display being offered at Pennsic. Check out the file attached to this post for some of the highlights. You can also see the full Pennsic class schedule at http://thing.pennsicuniversity.org/calendars
In service,
Mariette de Bretagne
Deputy MoAS for Education
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Banner Making/Heraldry Workshop – July 24th

There will be a Banner Making/Heraldry Workshop on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 at the Port Ewen Church at 7:00 pm.  If you’re interested, please bring your fabric, materials, equipment and tools.  Our Herald will be there to help you bring your ideas to life on your own device in compliance with the rules of heraldry.  Or, if you just want to create an artistic medieval banner, bring your ideas and your fabric and we’ll help with a design.  Seraq and Mistress Alayne shall be there, too.  All are welcome!

–Seraq, Barok’s Penance

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