Embroidery Schola

The MoAS office would like to draw your attention to Quintavia’s 8th Annual Embroidery Schola, which will be held online on Feb 6th. 
Please keep your eye out for announcements about classes, and read more about this lovely event on its EK Calendar event page.  https://www.eastkingdom.org/event-details/?eid=3695&fbclid=IwAR0Hmh_raFR9x9BjaVE96ZqVaNhW59IxS7-iQ3qNzaKbYwFJm663FzoWi0I 
One quick note. Advanced sign up for classes will be necessary, so that kits can be mailed to participants and so that those following along at home can plan ahead for supplies.
 The enthusiasm with which our kingdom’s local groups and guilds host schola’s and other educational events is a joy, and the MoAS office is always happy to help spread word of these events.

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Shire Elections


Shire officer elections are coming around once again in the Shire of Nordenhal.

Please be aware letters of Intent this year will be sent by email to seneschal@nordenhal.eastkingdom.org. Usually these Letters would be in writing but due to Covid Restrictions this is not possible.

For more info on Officer Elections Please see Section III of the shire bylaws.

Letters of Intent must be received by the March Business Meeting.

Elections Will be Held at the April Business Meeting.

From the Bylaws, regarding Letters of Intent:

c. Letters of Intent must be submitted in writing by the March business meeting immediately preceding the vote.

Letters must include: i. Statement of interest in a particular office

ii. Both the candidate’s legal and SCA names

iii. SCA proof of membership iv. Address, phone number, and email address and written permission to publish information on the Shire website 1 month in advance.

Current Letters of Intent:

Abel has put in his Letter of Intent to remain as Seneschal as of 01/11/2021.

Alayne has put in her Letter of Intent to remain as Chatelaine as of 01/06/2021.

Carrick has put in his Letter of Intent to Remain as Chancellor of Minor as of 01/06/2021.

I will update this page as the Letters of Intent come in.

Stay healthy and hope to see you all in person as soon as it is safe.

-Abel atte Watere, Seneschal of Nordenhal

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Jan 06, 2021 Business Meeting

Here is the link for the business meeting.
‪(US) +1 929-226-1039‬ PIN: ‪501 015 638‬#

We will be discussing Nordenhal Officer Elections.

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Arts and Sciences: Sewing 101

We’ve got another helpful class this week for anyone who needs some basic sewing & garb construction assistance:
Wednesday, December 16: Basic Sewing Techniques for Reenactors & Anachronists, 7:00 pm EST. Instructor: Lady Guðrún Sveinsdóttir (Rosie of Mtn. Freehold).
Meeting Link: https://cvsdvt-org.zoom.us/j/96559939267…If it asks you for a password: sewing
While this will be the last live class the MoAS office will be sharing until after the new year, please remember that the EK YouTube channel has and Arts & Sciences playlist where you can view many of the courses we’ve offered the past 10 months: https://www.youtube.com/…/SCAEastKingdomEt…/playlists…

Class Description Have you ever wanted to make your own garb? Have you ever needed to patch or mend something, but don’t know what techniques would work best? Do you want to learn how your persona would have sewn something, or do you want to learn machine techniques? Rosie will go through some of the most common period hand-sewing techniques, basic sewing machine techniques (and possibly a serger), discuss the pros and cons of hand vs. machine sewing, and answer questions about specific projects you bring to the class. If you want to try some techniques during the class, you will need a needle, thread, scrap fabric (linen or cotton recommended), scissors/thread snips, a seam ripper (optional), and beeswax or other thread wax (optional). If you have a sewing machine on hand, that’s good too — all sewing machines are different, but we’ll try to troubleshoot any questions you may have about yours.

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December 2nd 7pm Online Business Meeting

Greetings Everyone,
here is the info for the December 2nd 2020 businesss meeting at 7pm
Meeting ID
Phone Numbers
‪+1 928-793-2415‬
PIN: ‪367 066 243#‬

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