Loaner gear round-up.

If you have borrowed clothing from the loaner gear and are not using it this weekend, please return it Wednesday, as we have other people who would like to borrow garb.

Thank you!


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The Bliaut — instructions for construction link

Are you looking for a pattern to make garb?  Here are some good instructions for a Bliaut a garment worn by both men and women —

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There will be two demos at  Matthewis Persen House Museum  74 John Street, Kingston, New York.  15 June and 26 October, 2019  from 10 am to 7 PM.


Nordenhal will have use of the building as well as a cooking pit outside.  More details on the rooms and side yard to be posted soon.  (They are still setting the permanent displays up as 0f this writing.)

If you can help at either or both demos, please contact Alayne:

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Marshal activities and Youth Combat starting 7:30 PM May 08, 2019


Due to prayer service in the sanctuary, all marshal activities will not start until 07:30 pm. If you arrive at the meeting before 07:30 please remain as quiet as possible or head down to the Arts and Crafts room. Also from now on we will have access to the Arts and Crafts room unless otherwise noted. During Youth Combat weeks we will be using the arts and crafts room down stairs for Arts & Sciences to consolidate space for the youth and heavy fighters upstairs.

There will be Youth Combat on Wednesday May 8th starting at 7:30 PM. Please spread the word.

Many thanks to Lady Eikaterine for her service in coming to Marshal. She reminds all parents and youth to bring personal protective equipment (aka athletic cup, elbow\knee pads or other forms).

As an additional reminder, anyone who is interested in becoming a Marshal in Training, please connect Lady Eikaterine at Youth Combat. Link for Youth Combat Marshal Handbook :
Link to Youth Combat Website:

YIS, Abel

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25 May invite due to Persen House Demos

Because of our involvement with the Persen House demos we received this:

Nina Postupack, Ulster County Clerk, is pleased to announce the installation and unveiling of an Historic Marker at Kingston’s “Four Corners.”  Each of the stone houses at this intersection pre-date the Revolutionary War. This historic marker was made possible through a grant from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation awarded to the Ulster County Clerk’s Office.

Please join the Ulster County Clerk and the 1st Ulster Militia at the Matthewis Persen House, 74 John Street, Kingston on Saturday, May 25 at 10:30 am for the unveiling ceremony.  Invitations will be sent in early May.  Please share this event with your board and/or members.

Details will be posted as they arrive.


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