July 03, 2019 Business Meeting @ 7pm, Youth & Heavy Combat @7:30pm.

Business Meeting at 7pm
All Marshal Activities will start at 7:30pm (due to prayer group downstairs)

There will be Youth Combat on Wednesday July 03, 2019 starting at 7:30 pm. Please spread the word.

Practice is held at 160 Salem St, Port Ewen, NY 12466

Many thanks to Lady Eikaterine for her service in coming down to Marshal for us. She reminds all parents and youth to bring personal protective equipment (aka groin protection, elbow\knee pads or other forms). If you are interested in buying gear for your youth combat please speak to a marshal or consult the handbook below before doing so. You can find inexpensive new\used gear in\on thrift stores, ebay, facebook and craigslist marketplace ads.

As an additional reminder, anyone who is interested in becoming a Youth Marshal in Training, please email Lady Eikaterine at Youth Combat. Link for Youth Combat Marshal Handbook : https://youthfighters.eastkingdom.org/Documents/EKYC_Rules_2019.pdf
Link to Youth Combat Website: https://youthfighters.eastkingdom.org/

Yours In Service ,

Abel atte Watere

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