Pennsic A & S Classes

For those going to Pennsic, a message from the Kingdom A&S Minister:

Greetings, East Kingdom!
Pennsic is just around the corner, and the MoAS office will be running the following classes through Pennsic University to help support artists at various stages of their A&S projects:
    • Wednesday, 7/31: Presentation and Display, taught by Mistress Raziya bint Rusa, 10-11am, AS3
    • Sunday, 8/4: East Kingdom A&S Rubric Training, taught by EK MoAS Staff, 12-2pm, AS 12
    • Monday, 8/5: Consent in A&S: Giving & Taking Helpful Feedback, taught by EK MoAS Staff, 12-1pm, AS 12
  • Monday, 8/5: Introduction to Research, taught by Mistress Elena Hylton, 2-3pm, AS 15
  • Tuesday, 8/6: East Kingdom A&S Rubric Training, taught by EK MoAS Staff, 10am-12pm, RS 2
  • Wednesday, 8/7: Introduction to Documentation, taught by Lady Mariette de Bretagne, 12-1pm, AS 5
In addition to the classes offered by the EK MoAS staff, there are a number of other classes on research, documentation, and display being offered at Pennsic. Check out the file attached to this post for some of the highlights. You can also see the full Pennsic class schedule at
In service,
Mariette de Bretagne
Deputy MoAS for Education
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