A&S Shadow Judging

From the Kingdom A&S Minister:

A few people have asked about future opportunities to shadow judge at an A&S competition. Thanks to the competition coordinator for the “Keepers of the Central Flame” (Sept. 21) we have one!
Since “Keepers of the Central Flame” will be using the rubric typically used for EK Crown’s A&S Champions, Mistress Zipporah bas Yosef ( Allison Sarnoff ) has given permission for the MOAS office to organize shadow judging at the event, so interested individuals can learn more about how the rubric works and about how to judge effectively.
If you are interested in being a shadow judge for this event, please e-mail moas@eastkingdom.org, and we will coordinate with with Mistress Zipporah to arrange things.
Please note that anyone at any level of expertise may shadow judge. Shadow judging is recommended for those who wish to judge Crown’s A&S in the future, and is also helpful for those who plan to enter, or for those who just want to up their A&S game.
Thank you all
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