Donations requested for Display at 26 October demo

We are still looking for items to display at our 26 October demo at the Persen House in uptown Kingston.  The chain-mail shirt was a big hit at the last demo, so anything that shows how people in the SCA can produce some high quality things would be greatly appreciated!  My thanks go out to the people who donated last time; it really added to the hands-on experience.

Thanks in advance!       —-Seraq

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2 Responses to Donations requested for Display at 26 October demo

  1. Chatelaine says:

    If you do have things to display (You will get it back, it isn’t THAT kind of donation) please bring them tonight to the gather, if possible — if not contact Seraq to make arrangements to get these to him!

  2. Chatelaine says:

    Thank you to everyone who brought items for display.

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