A&S Announcement


  • On April 18th in the Barony of Carolingia, the MoAS Office is sponsoring what it hopes to be a regularly occurring, rotating, kingdom A&S event.
  • The event is based, not around competition, but is instead about creating spaces for positive feedback and interactions about A&S in the Kingdom.
  • The event will foster a supportive learning environment where artisans can guide each other as they learn, both about their field of interest, but also about how they can take their documentation, research, and individual A&S projects to the next level.
  • This event will feature:
    • An A&S Display with an all-day EK Consultation Table available for one-on-one feedback
    • Classes- suitable for both beginning and advanced artisans- about research, presentation, display, documentation, and A&S culture.
    • Laurel’s Challenge Communities based around 10 A&S topics, including:
      • Embroidery
      • Fiber Arts
      • Costuming
      • Martial A&S
      • Bardic Arts
      • Science/Technology
      • Culture/History
      • Paper Arts
      • Studio Arts
      • Food/Brewing

More information about event registration and participation will be available as soon as all Laurel’s Challenge Communities have been assigned a mentor, and challenges have been finalized.Questions? Please contact moas@eastkingdom.org.

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