Financial Committee Minutes

I have a backlog of financial committee minutes to post.

The financial committee met to review the budget for Wear Schola by Ailionora.  The proposed budget was as follows:

$500.00           50 attendees at $10.00 each

$250.00      Dayboard
?                   Donation to church, depending on profit/loss of event
$24.27         Site Tokens if we use them. See note below.
$30.00        Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, misc.                        $304.27

Projected Profit

The budget was approved unanimously by the financial committee.



The financial committee met to review the proposed budget for Dancing Fox by Alayne.  The proposed budget was as follows:

Autocrat: Alayne
Co-autocrat: Brigitte
Dayboard cook: Ailionora
Feast cook: Tiberius
Reservations Steward: Brigitte
Troll: Alayne

February 8th, 2014
Proposed event budget:

Dayboard: $350
Feast: $1400 (Includes Marzipan Solteltie, paper products and other disposables such as foil.)
Site Use Donation: $200 (variable based upon realized income)

140 attendees at an average donation of $10 each: $1400
Quilt raffle:                                                              $ 400
Dressing the fox donations:                                     $ 150-200

The financial committee denied the budget because there is not enough money currently in the shire’s bank account to front those costs.  There was also some discussion of whether or not we could/should charge for the feast.



The financial committee met with Alayne to re-discuss the budget for Dancing Fox.  The new proposal was that the shire advances the $350 for dayboard.  According to Alayne, Brigitte will provide the advance for the feast and the shire will reimburse Brigitte with as much of the donation and quilt raffle money we have that will cover her costs.  If we receive more donation and quilt raffle money than is spent on feast, the rest goes to the shire funds.  If we receive less donation and quilt raffle money than is spent on feast, Brigitte may lose that money.

The financial committee approved the new stipulations for the Dancing Fox budget 2-1.



The financial committee met to discuss spending shire funds  to purchase a cash box for events, paper, and printing ink to print out forms.

The financial committee approved these expenses unanimously.



The financial committee met to discuss spending shire funds to donate $100 to the church for the use of their facilities.

The financial committee approved these expenses 2-1.


These are the latest financial committee minutes.

In service,


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6 Responses to Financial Committee Minutes

  1. Dancing Fox 16 says:

    I thought the financial committee also met to discuss $200 for Hick to make a temporary use ramp for Dancing Fox (and other event at the comforter) to make easier access to the upper hall?

    Last meeting I was told they had denied that expense, due to the ramp not meeting ADA requirements (and in reply to that I directed the Seneschale to information which shows that temporary ramps need not strictly comply, as well as sending her a contact number at RCAL so she could directly question an expert.)

  2. Dancing Fox 16 says:

    Or are these minutes just for last quarter?

  3. Exchequer says:

    These are all the financial committee minutes I am aware of. I also (mistakenly) thought that my deputy could take my place on the financial committee. They may have met without me before I had come to that realization.

  4. christin says:

    There was never any meeting with Hick or mention of such to ask him to build a ramp. I have no idea what you are referring to.

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