Rest in Peace Johanna Le Mercer of Coill Tuar

Johanna Le Mercer (mka: Jo Anne Fatherly) was an amazing woman and an amazing friend.  She passed on 16 January, 2019.  She was 77.


She was Editor of Collected Tales which served both Nordenhal and Coill Tuar and Tisane the Herbalist Guild’s newsletter (as well as her more quotidian embroidery and chess news letters.) In the East she had been honored with an Award of Arms as well as a  Burdened Tygre.

It was always good to have her help, she was that amazing combination of brilliant and no sooner said than done.

For funeral information please follow the link:

The last event we attended together was River Wars in Iron Bog and we sang camp songs together on the way down, reveling in our adventuring.  My heart is heavy at her loss.


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