Youth Combat 10 April, 2019

Quoting Lady Eikaterine:

Good morning, All. Thank you to all the families who came to our first Youth Combat practice this past Wednesday and made it so much fun! Our next practice will be on Wednesday, April 10th. We will be running a weapons-making workshop from 6:30-7, before the main practice. Constantine will be the one with the tools and the know-how, I will be assisting. We’ll have supplies with us, and you guys will just have to reimburse us for the materials. It will be $5/sword, $15/sword if rattan core, level 1 polearm $10, Level 2-3 polearm (because rattan) we can’t make at this time, but usually charge $25 for. Rattan can only be purchased at Pennsic, and it’s $25-40 per 10′, so our supplies are limited. We’ll try to buy a bunch more this summer, so in the fall, we’ll host another weapons workshop so people who want rattan weapons can make them.
Please try to have your fighters bring their own athletic cups (they make them in either male or female shapes, so make sure you are selecting the right one!). They run between $10-15 apiece. Also bring along whatever armor you’ve managed to find so we can start the kids on their own kits! Mistress Alayne and I have lots of good projects in the works for them… Stay tuned!

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