From the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter

Greetings to the Gentles of the East!

I will be stepping down as East Kingdom Accessibility Porter and a new one will be needed. Here is the description of the position and responsibilities from EK Law:
7. The Kingdom Accessibility Porter:
a. Encourages those groups and/or autocrats who consistently choose handicapped-accessible sites, or who try to make their sites more accessible.
b. Educates the populace of the East regarding the barriers that detract from the enjoyment of the activities of the Kingdom by gentles with disabilities, or which prevent these gentles from attending events at all.
c. Acts as a clearinghouse for information on disability access.
d. Acts as liaison between members of the populace with disabilities and autocrat staff of events, upon request.
e. Connects those who need special services with those who can provide them.
f. Devises new ways to make reasonable accommodations for gentles with disabilities.
g. Is responsible to the Kingdom Seneschal.
You will get a nifty email address!!
The vast majority of the work can be done online, in person round table discussions at events are also useful. While a Facebook account is not required, it can be helpful. There are four regional deputies to help you out.
If you are interested, please email your letter of interest to the Kingdom Seneschal at seneschal at
It has been an honor to serve the people of the East.
Yours in Service,
Ariana of the North
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