Next business meeting will be 5 September,

Due to Pennsic and PERC it was decided to cancel the August business meeting, since 22 August and 5 September are so close to each other.

We will be having the usual Wednesday gathers (except on the 15th of August.)

The next Business Meeting will be 5 September.

Happy and safe summer. Stay hydrated.

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Seneschale’s report is in!

Unto the Shire of Nordenhal, from Alayne, warm greetings!

You will all be happy to know that the July, 2018 Quarterly Report for the Shire has been sent.

Have a happy and safe Pennsic, for those of you attending.  Happy and safe summer everyone, and stay hydrated!

Yours in service,

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No gathering or fight practice on 15 August 2018

We will not have the Fellowship Hall space due to PERC’s Vacation Bible School  the week of August 13th


There will be NO gathering or fight practice on 15 August, 2018.

Thank you!

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Curia comment period.

From the Kingdom Seneschale:


Their Majesties have decided that only a few of the proposed changes presented at Their Curia held on June 16, 2018 in the Barony of Iron Bog will be included in East Kingdom Law at this time. Those changes may be found here:…/EKLawChanges2018June.pdf

In the interest of allowing all to have more time to review the proposed changes from the previous Curia, Their Majesties have declared that the majority of the past proposals will be brought as Old Business at Their Curia to be held on September 22, 2018 at Bergental Baronial Investiture in the Barony of Bergental.

The Curia Agenda for the Bergental Curia is located at Their Majesties reserve their right to add additional New Business to that Curia.

As many have expressed a desire to see the proposed changes far enough in advance of Curia to review the proposals and make comments, Their Majesties and I will have the proposed changes out for review as soon as possible.

In order for Their Majesties, the Lawclerk and I to have adequate time to review your suggestions, we are asking for your comments by August 17.

Should you have any questions, kindly email me at

Mistress Katherine Barr
East Kingdom Seneschal

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No Gathering or Fight Practice on 4th of July 2018

Please be advised that there will be no gather or fight practice at the Port Ewen Reformed Church this Wednesday, 4 July, 2018.

Business meeting will be held on the 11th of July.

Thank you all.

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