50th Anniversary suggestions

Please, if you have been a champion, let us know what kind and the dates.  If you have submitted largess, please provide pictures and details.  If you have made gifts for other Kingdoms… for the glory of Nordenhal let us know and bring pictures.  What have you done for the shire?  Events?  Let us know!  Provide pictures!

Do you have old pix?

You can submit print photos, or electronic pix.

I don’t know what security will be like, so you may not want to place original materials in the display.

Again, if you intend to participate, please let us know by Mid-April, and have final copy to us no later than the end of May so that we can create a cohesive display.

Thank you!


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How to make Fra Angelico Blue Pigment

One of the most coveted of Medieval Pigments, this beautiful color comes from the stone called Lapis Lazuli (from the Medieval Latin:  Lapis = stone Lazuli from the Arabic  lazuward= azure.)

So who figured this process out?  Wow!

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From: Board of Directors Update – Hate Speech/Hate Symbol Policy

Board of Directors Update – Hate Speech/Hate Symbol Policy

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Gather and Fight Practice Cancelled.

Due to the continuing snow and lack of plowing in some areas, tonight’s shire gathering, including fight practice, is cancelled.

See you all next week!

Stay safe,

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Do you want to help with the 50th Anniversary Display?

Would anyone like to participate in the East Kingdom 50th Anniversary display? We need help to create the display, and we need bodies to man the display throughout the event.

Do you

–have old pix of the shires of Nordenhal and/or Hollyndale that you are willing to either scan or lend copies to me to scan them?

— have a specific idea for inclusion that you wish to make happen?

— have old copies of the Thyng newsletter that you would allow to be displayed ?

–have old newspaper articles on the activities of the Shire and would allow them to be scanned?

Please inform me of your intent to display by Mid-April, and have the final item ready by end of May, so that we are not scrambling last minute to form a cohesive display.

We need to start work on our display ASAP, so if you are willing help in any way, please contact me.


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