A cool thing!


A fellow SCAdian decided to attempt to build interactive Zip Code Maps, and while this is in no way official, it is still a cool thing!

Have fun,

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Big Thank You!

I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to her Excellency Mathilde, for her service as Seneschale.  She has stepped into the position of Deputy, and I am grateful for that as well.

Thank you, also to all the people in the Shire who have shouldered the responsibility of being Officers.   A group can not exist without these selfless individuals who do the quotidian tasks of reporting and organizing.

Special thanks also to Hrelgar, who got me logged in as Seneschale both in Email and on WordPress.   He even waited on the other end of the phone for moral support as I attempted to do what I had to do!


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Wednesday 3 May, 2017 Meeting

Hello all!

Currently, I am on this site in my Dancing Fox guise, but as soon as our webminister goes into action, I will be posting as Seneschale, and all official Shire Business will be posted here, in compliance with EK Law.

Once the update is made, please direct all official Shire Business to the EK domain email.

Starting with tomorrow’s meeting I will be unlocking at 6PM unless otherwise stated.

I look forward to working with everyone!


Yours in service,


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Thank you all!

I want to extend my thanks to everyone who helped at Dancing Fox.   It was an amazing day, with wonderful people, excellent food, exquisite music, stunning dancing, marvelously fun games and competitions!

Folks are already asking about DF XX!

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February Business Meeting will be held the 8th

In order to streamline the reconciliations for Dancing Fox, the February business meeting was deferred to the 8th at the January meeting.

If people want to come help out with prep on the 1st at the time we usually meet, let me know and I will stay at the Old Dutch Church.

Thank you!


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