Dancing Fox Prep Times

Dancing Fox XXI is in Saturday, and we will be allowed in to the Old Dutch Church 272  Wall Street Kingston, NY to do some set up early!    If you have the time and energy to come help, please feel free to!

Wednesday 10 am to at least 9 PM

Thursday and Friday this week 10 am to whenever Brigitte goes home (call her  to check if we’re still there!  332 – 5743.)

What kind of help?

Everything from general cleaning, cooking and signage to helping by fetching something.

Saturday it will be all hands on deck!

Anyone wishing to volunteer, your help will be appreciated!

Thank you!

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2 Responses to Dancing Fox Prep Times

  1. Seneschal says:

    …and remember, our regular gather is moved from the PERC to the Old Dutch Church (ODC) for this Wednesday!

  2. Seneschal says:

    Due to the ODC needing to clear sidewalks and drive, we are rolling back Wednesday’s start time to 11 am.

    Be careful, everyone and use your best discretion. We’d rather have you all in good shape on Saturday!


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