DEMO DEMO DEMO Time change! 9 am to 3 PM

We have media capability at the demo.

Second floor setting has ramped access

There will be two demos at  Matthewis Persen House Museum  74 John Street, Kingston, New York.  15 June   from 9 am to 3 PM.  Hours for 26 October, 2019 TBA

Nordenhal will have use of the building as well as a cooking pit outside.  The Side yard is approx 25 x 75.   There will be a fencing marshal and a heavy list marshal both on the 15th.

If you can help at either or both demos, please contact Alayne:

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5 Responses to DEMO DEMO DEMO Time change! 9 am to 3 PM

  1. Chatelaine says:

    So far planned activities include:

    Making a Sweet Bag
    Catapult Game
    Coloring Sheets
    Wire weaving
    Heavy List Combat
    Teneriffe Lace
    Tunic making

    If you have a skill or activity to share, please contact me ASAP.
    (We would also appreciate people to simply help out at various points throughout the day.)

  2. Maria Eskinazi says:

    So. I can do either music. Or Kraft things. Kumihimo, weaving, wire. Erlan /Pia

  3. Chatelaine says:

    Perhaps you can do a bit of music at specific times (which I will post on the schedule), and we can set you up with space to craft the majority of the day? Wire weaving sounds great, but so does Kumihimo!


    Thank you so much!


    PS: Erlan/Pia will bring 2-3 display boards. 1) Wire 2) Kumihimo 3)woven samples.
    Have all the tools & parts for display and be doing her arts. Vivat!

  4. Chatelaine says:

    Folks coming to help at the demo or sending something for display:

    Can you each think up five or so pre-17th century items that you could answer? Perhaps representing something about what you are doing, your attire, and artifacts you have brought to display/are working with. I will be making sheets to get people interacting with the demo folks so, not jeopardy level! Friendly, fun and maybe 3 or 4th grade level-ish? We don’t want to intimidate! Could reflect what you are wearing: Red shoes. Gauntlets

    Each person who completes a row (a la bingo) will receive a small token.

    PS: Don’t forget that Seraq has requested armor for display!

  5. Chatelaine says:

    Be aware, due to the Farmer’s Market parts of Wall Street will be closed to traffic on Saturday!

    My suggestion is to take Washington Avenue to Lucas Avenue, to Green Street, to John Street and enter the parking lot through the driveway just after Persen House.,-74.0229974,17z

    Many uptown streets are narrow and one way, be patient! If you miss a turn, just circle around, you will find it.

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